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The Illuminati are gathering and will soon reveal themselves for the first time. When they do, they will have an immediate and lasting impact on raiding activity on Arkenstone. They are clandestinely filling out their ranks with the most skilled among you. But they do not seek to be large in number- only formidable in their endeavors. Hence, there is time, though fleeting, to join them.

The Illuminati are gathering from all corners of Middle-Earth and from various kins to tackle the toughest challenges.  They are dedicated to building the strongest 18-22 player raiding group it can.  They seek top quartile players that strive to be top decile players in their chosen class. Players must be dedicated to raiding, with a shared goal of being among the first to eclipse the toughest challenges, on level, in the Lord of the Rings Online.  Initial raids will focus on Barad Guldur, Dar Nargbugud, and the Vile Maw.

They will be unveiled only when their assemblage is complete. They operate under the edict “none are revealed until all are revealed.” Until then, they walk among you as friends, and kinsmen, and rivals and enemies, but also hidden as Illuminati.

If you are interested in learning more or becoming part of a focused end-game raid group, contact their herald, Adaaon, via in-game mail or in-game chat to learn more.  Also, feel free to apply to The Illuminati raid group HERE.


While there is an Illuminati kinship, it is not required to join the kin to participate in the raid group.  Participation in the raid group requires only that you be dedicated to raiding, and all that it requires, be a top-tier player, fit the group makeup we require, agree to participate in the Illuminati DKP system, and agree to be be bound by the Illuminati Principles.

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